Pokemon Go Trading, Gifting, and Friend Systems Coming Soon

Some of Pokemon Go's most requested features are arriving next week.

Trading is coming to Pokemon Go

Yes, you’ll finally be able to trade Pokemon with your friends in Pokemon Go via an upcoming system update. Oh, and you’ll also finally be able to actually have friends in Pokemon Gowhen the game’s next update is released. Once you’ve added someone as your friend in the game through that new friend system – which can be accomplished by sending someone your trainer code and waiting for them to accept your request – you will be able to swap Pokemon. Of course, there are a few conditions you’ll have to meet first. 

The trades themselves will require you and the person you are trading with to have leveled up your character to at least level 10 and to be within roughly 100m of each other. Trades will also cost an undisclosed amount of Stardust per transaction, but the cost of those trades may be drastically reduced if you and the person you are trading with have a high enough friendship level. Actually, you’ll need a high enough friendship level to swap legendary or shiny Pokemon. Such transactions can also only be completed once per day. 

Friendship levels can be increased by performing certain activities together. As it stands, the easiest way to raise your friendship level with someone is to battle at gyms with them or complete raids, but you’ll soon be able to also send gifts to someone which can also raise the friendship level between you and the receiver. In all instances, you can only raise your friendship level with someone once per day. 

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These seemingly odd restrictions that prevent you from simply sending and receiving Pokemon as often as you wish are designed to help cut down on the number of possible instances of trade manipulation. Simply put, they don’t want people skirting the system and just receiving an unlimited number of powerful Pokemon when the point of the game is to catch them. 

You can read more about trading, gifting, and friends in Pokemon Go via this blog post from the development team. Many of these features are expected to launch sometime next week.