Pokemon Go: Team Rocket Added to Mobile Game

Team Rocket is blasting off again, this time in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket

Team Rocket has arrived in Pokemon Go. Unsurprisingly, the dastardly faction is up to absolutely no good. But Professor Willow has a plan to stop Team Rocket and save the mysterious Shadow Pokemon in their possession.

According to a press release, players will be able to partake and a few different Team Rocket-centric activities that focus on defeating the villains in battle and then catching the Shadow Pokemon, which “behave strangely and seem to be in pain,” in order to “purify” them. Encounters with Team Rocket are marked by discolored PokeStops around the map.

Here’s a rundown of the Team Rocket event:

1. Encounter Team GO Rocket — Spark and Professor Willow have observed Team GO Rocket members hanging out at discolored PokéStops. It appears they’re after the PokéStops’ resources!

2. Battle Team GO Rocket — Once you begin the encounter with a Team GO Rocket Grunt, they’ll challenge you to a battle. We’re counting on you to accept their challenge and defeat them!

3. Catch the Shadow Pokémon — After a successful battle, you’ll have an opportunity to catch a Shadow Pokémon that Team GO Rocket carelessly abandoned. Candela and Professor Willow discovered that these Pokémon look unusual and behave strangely because Team GO Rocket tried to make them stronger through unnatural means. After additional research, Professor Willow has also found that Shadow Pokémon can’t be traded away by the Trainer who rescued them unless they’re Purified first!

4. Purify the Shadow Pokémon — Thanks to all your research, Blanche and Professor Willow have discovered a process called Purification. Not only does Purification help Shadow Pokémon return to a more normal state, but Purified Pokémon can also become stronger than their normal counterparts due to the gratitude they feel toward the Trainer who saved them!

Check out a trailer:

While we didn’t expect developer Niantic to abandon Pokemon Go in favor of Hary Potter: Wizards Unite, it’s certainly nice to know that they’re already working on the game’s next major content updates given how similar updates have helped the title reclaim some of its original popularity

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