Pokemon Go: Farfetch’d Now Available Worldwide

As part of the terms of the event, players everywhere can now capture Farfetch'd.

Niantic has announced that Pokemon GO‘s community has successfully reached the three billion Pokemon captured goal that they set out for players just a week ago, which means that Farfetch’d is now available worldwide.

In case you missed the original announcement, developer Niantic challenged players to collectively capture three billion Pokemon as part of a global event. To incentivize players everywhere, Niantic even offered in-game “stretch goals.” For instance, at 500 million captures, players unlocked an XP bonus and an increased number of Pokemon available across all regions. A similar deal was offered at 1.5 billion captures. 

The real prize, though, is Farfetch’d. Previously, he was one of the region-specific Pokemon only available in certain parts of the world (all based in Asia). Thanks to the completion of this objective, he will now be globally available for a 48 hour period. Additionally, Kangaskhan – a Pokemon usually only available in Australia – will be made available to all Asia players for the same 48 hour period. 

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This isn’t the first Pokemon GO event, but it is most certainly the most significant event that Niantic has created thus far. Previous events, such as the Chicago meet-up, were plagued by technical issues and overall poor event planning. Elsewhere, events like the game’s Halloween-themed additions fell quite short of expectations in terms of the amount of content offered. 

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This event, however, was both incredibly ambitious in terms of player requirements and far more rewarding so far as the end goals are concerned. Pokemon GO players have always been slightly bothered by the fact that certain creatures have been restricted to specific regions. Needless to say, they didn’t exactly find cause to buy a plane ticket to Japan just to catch a unique Pokemon. 

If you haven’t been keeping up, Niantic is slowly but surely building upon Pokemon GO‘s initially meager gameplay offerings with the addition of these events as well as permanent gameplay additions like new raids and expanded gym features. 

As for Farfetch’d, you’d better hurry if you want to add him to your in-game roster.