Pokemon GO Begins Year of the Dog Event

The event spotlights both doggos and puppers.

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Pokemon GO has kicked off its Year of the Dog event.

From now until February 17th – so not too long – you’ll be able to participate in this event that celebrates the game’s dog-like Pokemon. According to the Pokemon website, that means that you’ll see many more “Poochyena, Growlithe, Eevee, Snubbull, and Electrike” wherever you may play the game. Furthermore, you’ll receive three times as much Stardust when you manage to capture one of those dog-type pokemon. 

Interestingly, not every dog-type pokemon in the game appears to be featured as part of this event. It seems that Niantic may opt to keep the appearance of certain pokemon – like Houndoor – limited to other events more closely tied to their characters. However, this event does introduce the new shiny pokemon, Poochyena. It seems the capture rate of Poochyena may be lower than some of the others because of this. 

At the end of this event, the appearance rate of these particular pokemon will go back to normal and you’ll no longer receive additional Stardust for capturing them. 

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Niantic has also added some new Team Rocket outfits to the game that don’t seem to be directly related to this new event. That means they should continue to be available beyond the end date noted above. Alongside the classic Team Rocket outfit – the best Team Rocket outfit – you can also purchase a rainbow variant featured in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. These outfits can be purchased from the in-game store as usual. You’ll have to shell out 950 coins for them. 

Developer Niantic has certainly been busy as of late in terms of adding new content. Along with the recent Valentine’s Day festivities, the studio also added more Gen 3 pokemon to the game as part of their efforts to incorporate as many pokemon into the game as they can.