Pokemon: The First Movie CGI Remake Trailer

The first Pokemon movie is being remade in CGI. Here's the debut trailer:

Pokemon First Movie CGI Remake Trailer

The original Pokemon movie is seemingly getting a CGI remake. 

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is the title of a Pokemon movie that’s been floating around for some time, but a recently released trailer seemingly confirms that this film will be a remake of the first Pokemon movie (known as Pokémon: The First Movie or Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back) made entirely with CGI. At the very least, we see a CGI version of Mewtwo and Mew flying through the sky. 

That lone detail doesn’t confirm that this will be a full CGI remake, but there’s other information surrounding this project that suggests that is indeed the case. First off, Takeshi Shudo credited as the film’s writer. Shudo did write the original Pokemon film but sadly passed away in 2010. His credit on this film seemingly indicates that this remake will follow the script of the original film very closely despite the apparent upgrade in animation technology. 

Besides, the movie’s tagline (“The Legend Is Back”), poster (which certainly looks like a tribute to the original Pokemon movie poster), and even its name all seemingly indicate that this will not be an entirely original film. 

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While it’s certainly possible that this movie will feature some alterations to the original version of the film, the smart money is on the film’s producers and creative team not rocking the boat too much by trying to add even more wrinkles to the increasingly complex Pokemon mythology. Truth be told, we’re still combing over the original games to try to make sense of all the game’s many urban legends


Of course, this won’t be the only Pokemon movie coming out in 2019. We’re also due to receive the previously revealed Detective Pikachu film, which looks significantly more interesting than it has any right to be. 

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