PlayStation Patent Shows PS5 VR Headset

Is this our first look at the next-gen PlayStation VR headset?

PlayStation 5 VR Headset
Photo: Sony

More news regarding Sony’s next-gen plans has seemingly been leaked as a new patent showcases what appears to be the next-generation of PlayStation VR.

The patent was found by LetsGoDigital and seems to have been filed sometime around February 2019. It features several diagrams showing someone wearing a PSVR headset that, at first, does seem to resemble the current-gen model. 

It’s not until you dive deeper into the patent information that you really start to see what separates this headset from Sony’s previous PSVR headset. For instance, this model features three cameras (two in the front, one in the back) and another camera that is installed on a compatible motion controller. These cameras appear to compliment the LEDs featured in the current PSVR model. Interestingly, it seems that there’s a reference to yet another camera which may be part of a separate device that some are comparing to the Kinect or PS Camera. 

That new set-up could, theoretically, greatly enhance the VR capabilities of the PSVR headset, but that’s not all that’s new. It also looks like the plan is to make this next-gen VR headset wireless (or at least optionally wireless). It also seems that the device will be capable of using its front-facing cameras to display a transparent view. It’s not entirely clear what the point of that feature is at this time, but one theory suggests that it could be used to support some elaborate AR gameplay. 

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One other thing that should be noted is that Sony has already stated that current-gen PSVR headsets will be supported by PS5. That could be taken to mean that the relative “power” of this new headset will be limited somewhat, but we suppose that there could still be some games that require this new model or at least strongly recommend it. 

In any case, this certainly appears to be a far superior version of the PSVR headset. If the information in this patent is accurate and represents Sony’s plans for the final model, then it really does seem like they’re going to remain committed to VR well into the lifespan of the PS5

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