PlayStation 5: Sony Confirms Development of Next Gen Console

Sony hasn't name dropped the PlayStation 5, but they're working on something new.

Photo: PlayStation

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Sony is working on a next-gen console.

“At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware,” said Sony boss Kenichiro Yoshida in an interview with the Financial Times (paywall article). While Yoshida did not go into details regarding that next-generation hardware, this is the first time that we’ve heard someone within Sony at his level mention the creation of next-gen hardware. 

While Yoshida also did not mention the name “PlayStation 5” during the interview, we’d be shocked if Sony abandoned that simple and clearly profitable naming strategy now. That theory only gains steam when you consider that the Financial Times has previously reported that the PS5’s architecture may not be that different from the PS4’s. Again, it makes sense that Sony might stick with what works given the success they enjoyed this generation. 

However, there is a very interesting implication in Yoshida’s words that may tell us something very valuable about the next PlayStation. 

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The fact that Yoshida chose to use the phrase next-generation hardware may imply that he’s commenting on Microsoft’s growing interest in streaming technology. While it’s very likely that Microsoft will release a next-gen console, rumors suggest that they might be interested in releasing a piece of hardware that primarily serves as a streaming device. With everything we’ve heard from Sony about the PS5 (and other sources), it sounds like Sony might just be interested in releasing a more traditional piece of next-gen hardware. 

Of course, you must also consider that the timing and nature of this message imply that Sony is aware that Microsoft is preparing to develop next-gen hardware of their own and that they don’t want to be too far behind in the race. 

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