Path of Exile 2 Announced With New Trailer

Path of Exile 2 looks to go head-to-head with Diablo 4, but can it come out on top?

Path of Exile 2

Developer Grinding Gear Games confirmed at ExileCon that they are developing Path of Exile 2

Despite what the name suggests, Path of Exile 2 isn’t a traditional sequel. It will even offer you the option of playing the base game’s campaign. The title is actually closer to a larger expansion in that respect. 

However, there is still plenty of new content to look forward to in this pseudo-sequel. Path of Exile 2 will even feature a new seven-act campaign that can be completed with your old character or a new creation. If you do choose to create a new character for this sequel, you’ll be able to choose from 19 new Ascendancy Classes. These classes are similar in their basic design to those featured in the original Path of Exile, but they have all been tweaked in some way and will all feature new abilities. Naturally, all characters will have access to new gear, cosmetics, powers, and all the other new content that you’d expect from this kind of sequel/expansion.

Path of Exile 2 will diverge from the…err…path of the expected, though, by introducing some significant changes to the base experience that will seemingly overhaul how the core game works. These changes include a new skill system based on gems, changes to how projectiles and other physics-based items react to the world, and even the implementation of a new visual engine that will seemingly overhaul the original game’s visuals and performance in notable ways. 

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This “Version 2.0” approach to Path of Exile seems like a pretty smart move considering that Diablo 4 is on the horizon and threatens to finally challenge Path of Exile‘s impressive streak of genre dominance. Yes, Diablo 4 has the Diablo name, but there are many who consider Path of Exile to be the “true” successor to Diablo 2 and that series’ legacy. 

We’ll see if the game’s reputation holds when Path of Exile 2 launches sometime in the distant future (beta testing probably won’t begin until late 2020). Until then, you can expect to see more expansions to the original Path of Exile.  

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