Overwatch vs. Team Fortress 2 Video Hilariously Settles the Great Debate

Which team reigns supreme? The Overwatch crew or the boys from TF2?

Ever wonder what would happen if the Overwatch roster fought the boys from Team Fortress 2? Well, this absolutely incredible fan video gives us our best look yet at how that showdown would go down. 

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Source Filmmaker animator The Winglet took on the unenviable task of looking at what would happen when the titans of these two team-based shooters finally do battle. The result is a glorious eight-minute video packed with more Easter eggs than even massive fans of both games can possibly process.

However, there are a few highlights peppered throughout the video that we have to share. Widow and the Sniper doing battle with each other while completely ignoring the other teams is a pretty meta take on how those battles typically go. Mei arriving on the scene like a horror movie slasher only to be backstabbed by the spy’s icicle is just a brilliant piece of characterization. Watching the scout and Tracer finally do battle helps to solve that age-old question. The same goes for the battle between Mercy and the Medic. Elsewhere, the showdown between Heavy and Zarya, which features both recognizing their shared Russian heritage, is oddly beautiful.

In fact, this is such a good representation of what would happen if the Team Fortress 2 roster did battle with the Overwatch squad that we’d almost be fooled into believing that Valve and Blizzard worked on it. Just be sure to stick around for the all-too-accurate post-credits play of the game sequence. 

While there is no real beef between Overwatch and TF2 – at least not one that extends beyond pockets of each game’s hardcore fanbase – there were many who questioned Overwatch‘s ability to succeed when it was first launched given that it resembled TF2 in some key ways. Both featured over-the-top characters, both emphasized team play, and some characters (like Mercy/Medic, Scout/Tracer, and Torb/Engineer) were eerily similar. 

Sure, Overwatch went on to greatly surpass the current popularity of TF2, but as this video proves, there’s enough room in the world for the motley crews of both games. 

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