Overwatch Storm Rising Event: Release Date and Trailer

Overwatch's upcoming Storm Rising event will run from April to May.

Overwatch Release Date Trailer Storm Rising

Blizzard has revealed that the next Overwatch event will be called Storm Rising

According to a post on the Blizzard Twitter account, Storm Rising will run from April 16 to May 6. Much like previous events Retribution and Uprising, this will be a lore-based event that will likely involve a PvE mode that sees players compete against waves of bots across various difficulty modes. However, Blizzard has not confirmed the full content featured included in this event at this time.

However, the company’s Twitter announcement combined with a recent mysterious blog post does hint at what’s to come. It sounds like Storm Rising will take place in Havana, Cuba during a Category 3 storm. Based on hints provided so far, the theory is that this mission will see Tracer, Mercy, Winston, Genji, and Soldier 76 attempt to takedown (or capture) Doomfist’s accountant, Maximilian. It’s not clear if all of those characters will be playable in the upcoming event’s rumored new mode.

If previous events are indeed an indication of what to expect, though, then Storm Rising should include new skins and other fresh cosmetics that will be released via special new loot boxes. It’s also worth noting that the map featured in the last such Overwatch event was eventually turned into a multiplayer map for Overwatch. It’s entirely possible, then, that Havana will be the next Overwatch map at some point.

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This new event will no doubt be welcomed by Overwatch fans. Overwatch has never utilized the season pass style of content featured in battle royales and other multiplayer games. While that does mean that anyone who purchases the game gets all of its significant content for free, it also means that fans have traditionally had to wait just a bit longer for events. 

Of course, Blizzard has found ways to pad Overwatch‘s content offerings in-between such events. Along with releasing new characters and maps, they’ve also occasionally added to the game’s lore by expanding on the title’s popular characters.

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