Overwatch: Multi-Map Mystery Turns Fans Into Detectives

The latest Overwatch map contains clues that have fans pulling a Carmen Sandiego.

Overwatch‘s new deathmatch map has triggered a player investigation into a multi-map mystery. 

The mystery began in earnest with the discovery of a tablet on Overwatch‘s new Petra map seemingly written by a previously unheard of character referred to only as H. Faisal. Faisal’s writings reference the excavation occurring on the Petra map and ties the activity to other excavations around the world. The funny thing about that piece of information is that several Overwatch maps feature visual clues to ongoing excavations that many players simply never thought much of. 

Things got even stranger when a player noticed a laptop on the Petra map that is displaying a conversation between Faisal and someone identified as “Iaonnidis.” The pair talk about some hidden chambers they discovered at the Petra excavation site and reference the discovery of “the statues of Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite.” Each of those statues has previously been featured in content related to Overwatch. Specifically, they’ve been included in the Rialto map, the Ilios map, and Chateau Guillard. 

What does it all mean? That’s a great question, and we’re sure that the Overwatch community would love it if you told them what is going on. For now, though, the exact meaning of these clues remains up for debate. However, the most likely answer is that they point towards the unveiling of the game’s next hero. 

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While it’s a bit too early to be talking about the next Overwatch hero considering that Brigitte only recently joined the official Overwatch roster, it’s doubtful that this clue refers to a new map considering that the Rialto map is still floating around Overwatch‘s test servers. We can’t confidently say that Blizzard wouldn’t tease the release of a new Overwatch map this early, but the much more popular theory at the moment is that all of this is leading to the unveiling of a hero that likely has a Greek origin. 

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for some kind of awesome God of War/Overwatch crossover, but others out there are desperately connecting the dots in a way that confirms the impending arrival of Overwatch‘s fabled jetpack cat