Overwatch: Moira Is the New Hero, Blizzard World Is the New Map

Blizzard went all-out on their Overwatch reveals at Blizzcon. Moira is the new hero being introduced to the game!

At BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard unveiled Overwatch‘s next map, hero, and a new animated short. 

Overwatch‘s new hero is Moira:

We already know that Moira is a support character that is capable of both healing and dealing damage. It’s not entirely clear how her abilities work, but it seems that she will function kind of like Zenyatta in that players will need to swap between damage and healing. Her ultimate, however, seems to do both. She is also able to teleport which will supposedly make her one of the most mobile support heroes yet. 

There is no word on when Moira will be added to the game. However, Blizzard did joke that she is an incredibly powerful character that the team is eager to see implemented into the game. That should happen by early next year if previous releases are any indication of the Overwatch team’s timeframe on new heroes. 

Next up is the map. Everyone take a look at the wonder that is Blizzard World:

Blizzard World is a hybrid map – meaning that it requires players to capture then escort the payload – that is best described as Disney Land if Disney Land featured nothing but attractions from Blizzard games. The preview trailer alone is loaded with too many Easter Eggs for us mere mortals to count, but we already saw sections of the park devoted to Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Warcraft. It’s a feast for the eyes that will soon receive a release on the game’s public test servers before its official debut in early 2018. 

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Finally, we leave you with this new Overwatch short called “Honor and Glory” that tells the emotional – seriously, there might be tears – story of how Reinhardt and his brother fought during the Omnic wars. Get your tissues ready: