Overwatch League: More Teams Expected to Join Season Two

Will your city host the next Overwatch League team?

Blizzard has confirmed the rumors that they are looking to add more teams to the Overwatch League for the competition’s second season of play. 

“We expect to begin selling additional expansion teams in the Overwatch League later this year. We have no further details to share at this time,” said a Blizzard representative during a quarterly earnings call. 

Blizzard has always been open to the idea of expanding Overwatch League’s size beyond the 12 teams that kicked off the first season of play. However, this latest update seems to suggest that they may already be in the process of selling additional franchises. It’s difficult to tell just how much the Overwatch League may grow in season two, but we’d expect that they’d look to add an even number of teams to each of the game’s two divisions. 

It’s no surprise that investors are looking to get in on Overwatch League. Blizzard revealed that they expect the League to be profitable during its first year of operation – an impressive feat – and that ratings for League games across all streaming platforms remain high. This weekend’s stage one playoff matches could draw the largest Overwatch League audience yet. As such, Blizzard has also stated that they expect teams will have to pay more for franchise rights moving forward. It’s rumored that purchasing an innagural Overwatch franchise cost somewhere around $20 million.

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Blizzard hasn’t yet confirmed when Overwatch League’s second season will start, but most analysts think it will begin before the end of the year. In any case, we would expect to hear announcements of any new Overwatch League teams before that time. 

Now is certainly the time to get into the Overwatch League if you haven’t already. A series of shocking upsets have shaken up the League standings and cast serious doubts on who will make it to the stage one finals. In stage two of play, recent changes to Junkrat and Mercy will take hold, meaning that the entire power dynamic of the league can soon be shifted.