Overwatch: Fan Video Tells Origin of Jetpack Cat

The most emotional you'll ever get about a piece of concept art turned into a meme.

Not long ago, Blizzard released some material from the development of Overwatch that showcased some early test footage and never before seen concepts. Said concepts included a sketch for a cat wearing a jetpack that the design team was considering adding to the game as a new hero. Unfortunately, they ultimately decided against it, and Overwatch has long-suffered from the lack of a playable cat hero.

Until now (err…kind of).

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A YouTuber by the name of To Binge has created a new origin studio video for his take on what Jetpack Cat might look like if he were added to Overwatch. You might think that this video is purely for laughs. It’s not. Oh, it’s funny – damn funny, some might say – but it’s also an oddly heartfelt video that resembles the surprisingly emotional origin stories of previous Overwatch characters. Remarkably, it’s also somewhat friendly to existing Overwatch lore. After all, some of the teaser shots that introduced Brigitte showed that she has a pet cat that follows her around her workshop. 

Needless to say, this video has only made those who legitimately want to see Jetpack Cat added to the Overwatch hero pool more vocal than they’ve ever been. After all, who doesn’t want to tear through the ladder as Overwatch‘s most loyal pet?

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Sadly, it doesn’t seem that Jetpack Cat will ever actually be implemented into the game. Blizzard has stated that they tried to implement a variety of different animals into the game, but they realized that it was “not Overwatch” at the point that they tried to add so many furry characters to the game. It seems that Winston is the only survivor of that particular initiative. 

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Still, we’ll always have this video.