Overwatch: Blizzard Details Massive “Remaster” Patch

The next Overwatch patch is so large that it may fundamentally alter how the game is played.

Overwatch Remaster Patch

Blizzard has announced that they are releasing a massive Overwatch patch that they have previously referred to as a “remaster.”

What makes this patch so significant is the series of changes coming to the game that will affect 13 of the game’s 31 heroes. While we’ve seen patches in the past that have affected multiple heroes, we’ve never really seen a single patch change feature so many changes to so many heroes. In fact, Blizzard reports that this patch will be about 8GB in size. 

The list of the upcoming changes is quite extensive and includes both buffs and nerfs. For instance, Orisa’s barrier cooldown is being increased from 9 to 10 seconds (a nerf) while Roadhog’s Scrap Gun will now include 6 bullets instead of 5 (a buff). Other characters, like Sigma, are receiving buffs and nerfs, while Mercy’s upcoming ability to shoot energy beams through shields is more of a tweak. 

In this instance, though, the exact changes matter a little less than the collective impact of these alterations. When any hero is changed in Overwatch, it creates a kind of ripple effect that affects every other hero in the game. When one hero becomes stronger or weaker, it will inevitably change how useful other heroes are. 

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So by changing 13 heroes at once, Blizzard is effectively ensuring that the entirety of Overwatch‘s roster must now be re-evaluated. Combine these alterations with recent changes to the game such as the new role queue, and you can see why the team has previously referred to this patch as something of a remaster for the current game. Of course, some rumors suggest that Blizzard is working on an Overwatch sequel.

We wouldn’t go quite that far, but this will undoubtedly affect the game’s competitive scene and will also impact how even casual players utilize their favorite heroes. The patch is currently live on Overwatch‘s PTR servers, but we’ll know more regarding just how impactful it really is when it hits the live PC servers sometime in the near future. 

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