Overwatch: Blizzard Releases Animated D.Va Short to Celebrate New Busan Map

Overwatch's next map takes on a tour of Busan, South Korea, where D.Va works and plays.

Blizzard has unveiled a new Overwatch animated short to celebrate the upcoming release of the game’s next map. 

The short, titled Shooting Star, follows the “celebrity lifestyle” of Hana Song (a.k.a. D.Va). It focuses on Song’s inability to really enjoy her high-profile status due to the burdens of her responsibilities. It’s a cute little story that doesn’t rank amongst the best Overwatch shorts ever (that honor would probably go to the Reinhardt short or this fanmade video for Jetpack Cat) but at least it finally gives us a better look at D.Va’s backstory. 

The best part about the short, though, is that it’s really just an elaborate way to introduce Overwatch‘s next map, Busan. This map finally adds a South Korea location to the game’s rotation of levels and explores the bustling city of Busan as imagined by Blizzard following the events of Overwatch‘s backstory. 

As a control map, Busan will see teams compete to capture an area in one of three sections: Sanctuary, Downtown, and MEKA Base. According to the map description, Sanctuary is a “serene setting” designed around an “ancient temple.” The Downtown section is about what you’d expect (the busty part of a thriving city complete with a potentially deadly train), and MEKA base takes us to “South Korea’s frontline defense against the gwishin omnic attacks” where D.Va and crew get ready for missions. 

There’s no word on when this map will be released on Overwatch‘s official servers, but it is currently playable on the PC version of Overwatch‘s PTR servers (which also features a series of hero changes and other gameplay alterations). 

We’ll have to wait to try out the map ourselves before saying whether or not you’re going to want to see it in the rotation, but it boasts a beautiful design, and it’s hard not to love the variety of visual touches included within the map’s three distinct sections. 

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