Outlast 3 and Outlast Switch Ports Confirmed

The beloved horror franchise will live on.

On Facebook, developer Red Barrels confirmed that they are working on Outlast 3 and intend to port Outlast and Outlast 2 to the Nintendo Switch. 

Details are scarce at this time, but the studio did confirm that they will begin work on the third game in the Outlast franchise at some point in the future. They only cryptically teased that this game will offer answers to some of the questions posed by the mysterious second game. 

The studio also revealed that they are porting Outlast and Outlast 2 to the Nintendo Switch. They even showcased the ports being worked on via Switch development kits. The developers stated that these ports are expected to arrive on Switch at some point in early 2018. It was not announced whether or not they will be offered as part of a bundle, but given that no other Outlast bundles have been officially released, we suspect they will be treated as individual releases.

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That wasn’t all the Outlast team had to share. They also teased that they are working on some kind of new project that takes place within the Outlast universe. Given that they also stated they didn’t develop Outlast 2 with DLC in mind, it seems that this new project might be closer to a spin-off. Indeed, the studio identified the game as “a distinct experience set in the Outlast universe.”

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There is no release date available for that new project at this time. 

As many of you may recall, the original Outlast is considered to be one of the best horror games of the modern era. Along with Amnesia, it helped kickstart a new age of pure horror experiences that utilized a first-person perspective to limit a player’s view.

Outlast 2, meanwhile, was met with a decidedly mixed reception. While many considered it to be undeniably terrifying, the sequel lacked the tight structure of the original game and was compromised by some repetitive gameplay that didn’t evolve the original game in too many significant ways.