Orcs Must Die 3: Release Date and Trailer

Orcs Must Die 3 is the surprise sequel to the tower defense franchise. Here's what we know:

Orcs Must Die 3

Orcs Must Die 3 is not only in development but will be a timed Google Stadia exclusive. 

Developer Robot Entertainment returns to the franchise they created to develop this sequel to the series. Much like the previous two Orcs Must Die games, Orcs Must Die 3 will utilize the old tower defense system and require players to set-up defenses against sizable hordes of invading orcs who would prefer if you were dead. 

While Orcs Must Die 3 will feature roughly the same gameplay featured in the first two games in the series, Robot Entertainment has made it clear that this upcoming sequel will utilize the best of modern technology by ensuring that you face off against bigger hordes of orcs than ever. Specifically, they mentioned 500 mob armies in individual waves. 

The developers attribute some of those upgrades to the power of Google’s Stadia platform which, of course, is the other major story here. Google Stadia has been a somewhat divisive concept ever since it was announced, but the one thing that most people seem to agree on is that the long-term success of the platform may depend on what kind of exclusives Google can secure for it. Interestingly, Patrick Hudson, CEO of Robot Entertainment, went on Reddit not long after the reveal and clarified that Orcs Must Die 3 will only be a timed Google Stadia exclusive. He also noted that Google’s support helped make this game possible. 

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Orcs Must Die 3 isn’t exactly the most high-profile Google Stadia exclusive we could imagine, but it’s certainly a welcome return for a fun strategy franchise that may at least add a little more value to those who are committed to the idea of subscribing to Google Stadia. Whether it convinces others to give the cloud gaming service a go remains to be seen. 

Orcs Must Die 3 is expected to be released sometime in the Spring of 2020 for Google Stadia. It will then be made available for other platforms at an unconfirmed time. 

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