Old School Cool: Why The Getaway Is A PS2 Gem

The Getaway was an open-world game inspired by Grand Theft Auto that explored a different kind of criminal underground.

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Old School Cool: The Getaway

The Getaway is not considered a classic today – perhaps due to its technical limitations or its overt riffing on a much more famous open-world crime series – but there’s no denying it had style. Shedding light on a completely different underworld than Grand Theft Auto‘s Liberty City or San Andreas. 

This Get Carter and Snatch-inspired title brought us the London underworld in all its cockney glory. You play two parallel stories – one as ex-bank robber Mark Hammond and the other as Detective Constable Frank Carter – that intersect and deliver an intense crime yarn that remains one of the better narratives in the genre. Unfortunately, the game suffered a bit upon release due to several bugs and the fact that it came out around the same time as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which we all know was a mega hit on the PlayStation 2. 

If you love the Grand Theft Auto series and want something different, you could do far worse than giving The Getaway a spin. Get a little history lesson about the game in the video below!