Old School Cool: The Wondrous Game Boy Camera & Printer

The Game Boy camera was a wonder to behold back in the 90s. Here's a look back at what made it so special...

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Old School Cool: Game Boy Camera & Printer

While the Game Boy is best known for the many great titles that populated the platform’s lineup – such as Pokemon Red and Blue, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Tetris, Metroid 2, and Shantae – we can’t forget the plethora of innovative accessories that supported the handheld. Most of you are probably familiar with things like the link cable, the Handy Boy, the Super Game Boy cartridge for the SNES (and the Transfer Pak for N64), and the priceless GameShark cheat cartridge, but did you ever get your hands on the Game Boy Camera and Printer?

The innovative Game Boy Camera turned Nintendo’s popular handheld into a digital camera – the smallest ever, in fact, according to the 1999 edition of Guinness World Records (a record that has since been broken). Not only did the camera take pictures, it also allowed users to edit those pictures with doodles and stamps, and you could even print out the pictures with the equally curious Game Boy Printer. 

The Game Boy Camera wasn’t a huge success in its day, but it has still influenced every major handheld from Nintendo since. Just open up a Nintendo 3DS today and you’ll find a useful little built-in camera. Unfortunately, today’s handhelds don’t come with a quirky printer. 

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Learn more about the Game Boy Camera and Printer in the video below: