Old School Cool: The Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard

Tony Hawk's Ride Skateboard is just a bit ahead of its time.

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Old School Cool: The Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard

Chock this up to “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” What could possibly be better than Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, one of the great video game franchises of the early 2000s? The series already feature innovative gameplay, sleek level design, and an impressive control scheme that immersed countless middle schoolers (if you’re my age) into the world of skateboarding. The only thing that could feel more real than Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was actually skateboarding.

Eventually, publisher Activision and developer Robomodo decided to just bring the skateboard to your living room. Thus the Tony Hawk: Ride skateboard peripheral was born – and so was the beginning of the end for the once-acclaimed franchise. Not only was the game panned upon release, but the board failed to deliver the realism it promised. For most gamers, the controller was still their go-to peripheral for shredding. 

You can’t really blame the series for experimenting. After all, Ride arrived at a time when motion control was the hottest trend in gaming, thanks to the Nintendo Wii and its competitors willingness to cash in on the craze. Unfortunately, the Ride skateboard was unable to capitalize. Still, this particular peripheral remains one of the most curious “what if” stories. What if the skateboard peripheral had been a massive hit? Would we be anxiously waiting for the next Tony Hawk motion control game as we speak?

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Learn more about this peripheral in the video below: