Old School Cool: Snowboard Kids 2

This snowboard racing gem shines brighter than ever.

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Old School Cool: Snowboard Kids 2

Like Members Only Jackets and mullets, a generation of former young people might look back on the ’90s obsession with extreme sports games and just shake their head in confused shame.

While we won’t try to justify that cultural obsession with extreme sports, it’s hard to deny that the extreme sports boom led to some truly fantastic video games. The appeal of games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, 1080° Snowboarding, Jet Set Radio needs no explanation.

Somewhere in this pack of extreme sports classics is Snowboard Kids 2. The original Snowboard Kids was released ahead of the pack of popular extreme sports games back in 1997 and was thought of as a generally acceptable game to turn to between Super Mario 64 sessions.

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Snowboard Kids 2 found itself in a much more crowded market when it was released in 1999, but those who took a chance on the title found a sequel that embodies many of the ideas that get us excited about video game sequels. It featured more modes (including a curious creation that required you to race your friends to school), more tracks, more story, and more, more, more.

Yet, what makes Snowboard Kids 2 so memorable isn’t all the new stuff it gave us. No, the game’s classic status can be traced back to the almost overwhelming amount of personality packed into the game.

There is no aspect of Snowboard Kids 2 which is presented in the most obvious way possible. Cutesy story segments typically involving pranks precede every story race. Boss battles against snowmen, dinosaurs, and other strange creatures greet you at the end of certain courses. The tracks themselves range from downhill slopes to haunted houses.

It’s the kind of personality influx which you could believe is effortless were it not for the fact that so few games have been able to replicate it. We may not be able to justify all nostalgia for the ‘90s extreme sports boom, but your Snowboard Kids 2 nostalgia? Well, sometimes you can’t help but fall in love with something truly unique. 

Learn more about Snowboard Kids 2 in the video below: