Old School Cool: Remembering R.O.B. For NES

NES had a robotic friend in R.O.B. But was it any good?

Old School Cool is our new original video series releasing every Tuesday afternoon on the Den of Geek Facebook page. Each week, we break out the SNES, SEGA, PS2 or another classic console as we take you on a nostalgia trip into the world of classic video games and accessories.

Old School Cool: NES’ R.O.B.

Let me tell you about your favorite robot friend. He didn’t work so well. Nintendo released the Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B.) for NES in North America in October 1985. The controller was a gaming peripheral that only worked with two games, but its legacy lives on in a number of camoes across different Nintendo titles over the years.

We remember our buddy R.O.B. in today’s installment of Old School Cool:

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