Okami headed to PlayStation 3

The superb Okami is coming to the PlayStation 3, and it’s a game you absolutely need to play…

Okay, so the summary above may sound a little strong, but like Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil, Okami has to be one of the least-played classics around, and it’s a crying shame. Developed by the now defunct Clover Studios (Capcom, what the hell were you thinking?), Okami was a heavily Zelda-influenced adventure that incorporated impressive cel-shaed Japanese ink painted visuals with a drawing mechanic that let you influence the world by actually drawing items into existence, and using the same painting abilities to slash enemies to ribbons.

As the sun goddess, Amaterasu, you return to Nippon (read: Japan) in order to cleanse it of darkness and bring life and colour back to the land, with the ultimate goal of defeating to evil Orochi. This mammoth quest is long, varied and always engaging, and thanks to the impressive drawing system, and some truly charming presentation it’s one of the most unique adventures you’re likely to play.

If you’ve missed the original PS2 release, or the Wii port, then you’re in luck, as the PS3 is going to get a high definition version of the game, and it’ll also include Move support. Unlike a lot of motion controlled games, which bolt on the controller waggling as a mere gimmick to justify the technology’s existence, Okami is one game that makes perfect use of the tech, and the Wii port, whilst not perfect, demonstrated this perfectly. With the increased sensitivity of the PS3’s Move, the game should be even better.

Okami HD for PSN is due to be released in autumn/fall for $19.99. You really don’t want to miss out on this one.

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