No More Heroes Sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever, and More Featured During Switch Indie Presentation

A lot of exciting projects are coming to the Nintendo Switch in the next year.

While today’s Nintendo indie showcase mostly did what Nintendo promised it was going to do – give a little time to the little guys making games for Switch – there were a few games announced during the pre-prepared video demonstration that are certainly worth keeping an eye on. 

The star of Nintendo’s show was the formal reveal of Super Meat Boy Forever. While Super Meat Boy has enjoyed quite a few add-ons, ports, and special editions over the years, this is the first true follow-up to the game that we’ve received since the original Super Meat Boy debuted in 2010. 

Aside from a few plot details that will no doubt excite those who considered Super Meat Boy‘s razor thin plot to be its best attribute, the biggest piece of information we’ve learned is that every stage in Super Meat Boy Forever will become more difficult each time you replay it. We also know that the Nintendo Switch will be the first platform to receive Super Meat Boy Forever when it launches in 2018. All other versions should be released shortly thereafter. 

We also learned that Kentucky Route Zero will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the form of a special collection called Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition. There’s no word on the release date for this one, but it will include the stylish adventure game’s fifth and final act when it is released. 

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The previously rumored port of No More Heroes turned out to be a new No More Heroes game entirely. We sadly know very little about No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, but it will be released sometime in 2018. 

A new Shovel Knight campaign, called Shovel Knight: King of Cards, will also be arriving on the Switch next year. This campaign will serve as a prequel to the main game and promises to shed a little light on King Knight’s story. It will also feature a built-in digital card game. This expansion will be released for free to those who own Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove for Switch.

On the originals front, we have a game that some are calling Attack on Titan meets Guacamelee! However, Morphie’s Law is actually a 3D shooter where players grow in size as they shoot their opponents. The idea is that skilled players will be easy to hit, and those at the bottom of the ladder will be more difficult to spot. This one will be released sometime this winter. 

Mulaka, meanwhile, is a cel-shaded action adventure game based on Tarahumara culture. It’s coming to the Switch early next year and figures to give those Switch owners craving a slightly more traditional Zelda experience something to lean on. 

Finally, we have the best game of the bunch: Battle Chef Brigade. This game will force players to hunt down monsters and then cook them on a fantasy cooking show in order to win fabulous prizes. Battle Chef Brigade – a.k.a. the best thing ever – will be released sometime later this year. 

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