No Man’s Sky Will Finally Receive a Real Multiplayer Mode

The next major No Man's Sky update includes exciting ways for players to actually interact with each other.

No Man's Sky
Photo: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky is finally getting a proper multiplayer mode. 

Director Sean Murray recently appeared on the Inside Xbox YouTube show and said that the latest No Man’s Sky update will release alongside the game’s Xbox One debut on July 24. This update will focus on new multiplayer options that allow players to finally truly work together in the game’s galaxy. That’s in stark contrast to a previous multiplayer update for the game that essentially allowed players to barely interact with ghostly orbs meant to represent other explorers.

This new update will let you actually interact with friends or even encounter other players at random while exploring on your own. These friends will be able to help keep you alive and even assist you in building elaborate bases on planets that other players will be able to encounter during their travels. On top of all that is the ability to participate in space battles with other players as well as join races across custom tracks that can be shared online. 

That’s quite a lot of content. Speaking on the update, Sean Murray stated that he’s glad that the content in this update can finally become a reality. He credits the No Man’s Sky team for their hard work as well as the community members that have stuck with the game and its development team.

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Some of you may recall that Murray and the No Man’s Sky team once famously declared that players would be able to encounter each other in the game, but the odds of that happening were quite slim considering the size of the available area. That was disproven rather quickly when two streamers verified that they were standing next to each other in the game, but neither was able to see or interact with the other in any way. 

Since then, multiplayer has become one of those No Man’s Sky features that fans have asked for when suggesting ways to improve the title’s initial meager offerings. While it’s unlikely that even this update will be enough to reverse the public perception of No Man’s Sky, it’s one of the many ways that Hello Games have built upon the incomplete experience they initially shipped.