Nintendo Takes Down Popular YouTube Game Music Channel

Is Nintendo starting to go after more YouTube channels that host their music?

Nintendo Music YouTube

YouTuber GilvaSunner says that they have received copyright strikes from Nintendo over the Nintendo music that they host on their YouTube channel. 

“Game over,” said GilvaSunner on Twitter. “115 videos in total blocked so far. They started manually with the most viewed content on the channel, and are now going through the playlists one by one I guess.”

Why is this a big deal? Well, it’s because nobody is entirely sure what to make of this. Nintendo has targeted some YouTube channels in the past due to the channel hosting music from Nintendo games, but it’s really not that common. At least it’s not as common as Nintendo going after fan mods and other online content featuring their trademarks.

What’s also odd about this instance is why Nintendo would target this particular YouTube channel. It makes sense that Nintendo may choose to target the most popular YouTube channels that host Nintendo music, but then how would you explain the many YouTube channels out there that feature video game music that haven’t been hit with copyright claims?

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It could be that Nintendo is targeting incredibly popular YouTube channels that only post music from Nintendo games. While they certainly have the right to do so, that tactic is frowned upon by many gamers who don’t really see what the harm of posting Nintendo music is when Nintendo doesn’t really make an effort to monetize their music beyond the sale of the game it’s featured in. For that matter, it doesn’t even appear that this particular YouTube channel is monetized. 

Whatever the situation is, it would be sad to learn that Nintendo plans on going after more YouTube channels that host their music as YouTube is one of the best ways to listen to these classic tracks and listening to them feels like a relatively harmless activity.

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