Nintendo Switch’s Dock Will Improve Game Resolution

The Switch's performance is improved by the dock, but it won't always give you maximum quality.

It seems that Nintendo has stealthily confirmed one of the Nintendo Switch’s rumored “features.”

According to a press release the company sent out regarding Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the remastered racer will allow gamers playing the title through “TV mode” to experience 1080p resolution. Combined with the fact that they have previously confirmed the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen has 720p resolution, this would seem to indicate that maximum resolution can only be achieved when you have the Switch placed in its dock. 

However, the matter of the Switch’s potential resolution output isn’t quite so cut and dry as all that. 

According to IGN, the Nintendo Switch is believed to be capable of outputting full 1080p resolution to the console’s native screen. However, it is believed that the reason that the console does not do so is because that output would put a serious strain on the system’s battery life. Additionally, IGN is reporting that Breath of the Wild outputs at 900p while you’re playing on a TV and 720P while playing it as a handheld Switch title. Fortunately, it appears that the framerate of these games is not affected by either play style. 

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The fact that Breath of the Wild – the Nintendo Switch’s most important launch game – doesn’t allow for 1080p TV support while an updated port of Mario Kart 8 does is fairly curious. Nintendo has stated in a roundabout way that the Switch is not going to be designed to compete with high-end consoles like the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio, but it’s unclear at this time if there will be a universal rule regarding output capabilities for Nintendo Switch titles moving forward. 

As we learn more information regarding the resolution settings of other major Switch titles, we will be sure to update you at that time.