Nintendo Switch Charging Stand Fixes Tabletop Charging Problem

Playing your Nintendo Switch on a table is about to get a lot easier thanks to this official charging stand.

Nintendo is releasing a new charging stand for the Switch that will supposedly make tabletop play much easier

As many Switch owners know, it’s quite difficult to prop your Switch up and play it at the same time given that the Switch’s sole charging port is located at the bottom of the console. This leads to Switch owners needing to consult the video game Kamasutra to come up with the creative positions required to work around the presence of the charging cable. 

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This new charging stand is an elegant solution to that issue. It’s a curved station that allows you to view your Switch screen at the same elevated angle you get when you use the console’s kickstand. The obvious benefit to using this station over the built-in kickstand, though, is that the station allows you to easily charge your Switch as you play. While the station itself doesn’t do the charging, it does make it much easier to run a charging cable to the Switch’s base power port. 

This accessory isn’t exactly a must-have for anyone that doesn’t regularly play their Switch in its “tabletop mode,” but it is a rather simple fix to an often frustrating problem. You’ll be able to purchase the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand on July 13th for the retail price of $20.

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It seems that Nintendo is finally getting around to addressing a few of the Switch’s lingering design flaws. We recently talked about the rumored prototype for a new Switch controller designed to address some of the connection issues that affect the console’s Joy-Cons. That prototype is expected to go into production sometime later this year (if it hasn’t already). Nintendo has also stated that their upcoming premium online service will finally allow Switch owners to back up their game saves via the cloud. 

Mind you, the Switch is doing quite well even with these flaws. It’s already recognized as the fastest selling console in U.S. history, and Nintendo expects to sell almost 40 million units by April 2019.