Nintendo Officially Ends Wii U Production

In an effort to increase production of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo formally moves away from the Wii U.

Wii U

Nintendo has finally confirmed that they are ending production of the Wii U globally. The Big N released the following statement: “Wii U production has ended globally.”

A previous update to the Nintendo of Japan’s store page suggested that consumers had until sometime in February to purchase a Wii U. It turns out they had even less time than that as Nintendo has now updated that same page with a message that informs prospective buyers that the console is no longer available for purchase

If this seems like an odd way to announce the end of a console’s production in its home country, that’s because it is. Such major updates to a system’s lifespan typically receive an official announcement from the manufacturer at the very least. However, Nintendo has adopted a very casual attitude towards the end of the Wii U since they announced the Nintendo Switch. Reggie Fils-Aime simply noted that Nintendo will make no more Wii U games following the release of Breath of the Wild, while developers have been quietly shifting games planned for the release on the Wii U over to the Switch. 

It’s now more clear than it has ever been before that the Wii U’s best years are… Well, it’s tough to say when those might have been, but they’re certainly behind us. 

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There is some good news here. A Wall Street Journal contributor is reporting that Nintendo is going to use the end of the Wii U’s production as a chance to increase production of the Nintendo Switch. Ideally, this may mean that retailers will be able to get additional units in before the console’s March 3rd release date.