Nintendo Reveals Mythical Pokemon Named Meltan

New Pokemon Meltan ties together two of Nintendo's Pokemon games.

Nintendo has revealed a new Pokemon and solved a mystery that has been plaguing Pokemon GO players

Recently, Pokemon GO fans have spotted a mysterious new Pokemon that resembled a sentient hardware nut. What made the appearance of this new creature all the more bizarre was the fact that it would transform into a Ditto whenever players tried to capture it. Nobody really knew what to make of this, but that didn’t stop fans from coming up with a variety of theories to explain this strange occurrence. 

Fortunately (or unfortunately for all you fan fiction fans out there), Nintendo has stepped in to shed some official light on what this new Pokemon is and how it fits into the game’s massive universe. 

In a new video, we learn that this Pokemon’s official name is Meltan. It turns out that Meltan is a mythical, Steel-type Pokemon that is made of liquid metal. Not only can Meltan corrode and absorb metal, but he also has the ability to use the metal he absorbs to generate electricity. Naturally, that means that it’s able to utilize electric attacks (which seem to originate from its eye). 

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What makes this new Pokemon really interesting is the way that Nintendo is utilizing it. Not only has the Pokemon GO Twitter account notified fans that they should keep an eye out on their recently caught Dittos as they’ve heard reports that they are transforming into Meltans, but the video that Nintendo released which formally revealed Meltan was for the upcoming release of Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee!

While it’s been strongly suggested that Let’s Go and Pokemon GO will be closely tied together, the reveal of Meltan suggests that the relationship between the games may be closer than we previously anticipated. The idea of similar cross-promotions between the two games may certainly be enough to help both games generate a great deal of buzz in the coming months. 

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