Nintendo is Looking For New Mobile Game Partners

Following some disappointing revenue figures, Nintendo is looking to change things up.

Nintendo is looking to produce more mobile games based on their properties are looking for more mobile developers to partner with as part of that process.

This news comes to us from The Wall Street Journal who have stated that Nintendo’s current mobile revenue has fallen short of the company’s expectations. Alongside possibly raising the price of their mobile games (perhaps like they did with Super Mario Run), Nintendo is looking for new mobile developers to help them convert their franchises to the mobile arena. 

It’s not actually clear who Nintendo is reaching out to as part of this process. However, one name that has reportedly been tossed around is developer GunHo Online; the developers of the Puzzle & Dragons series for the 3DS. Outside of that studio, there are no other credible names being tossed around the rumor mill.

What we do know is that Nintendo is interested in a true partnership and aren’t looking to acquire studios outright. 

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One other thing the report does point out that is important to note is that Nintendo isn’t necessarily concerned with the amount of money their mobile games make in terms of pure revenue. Instead, their primary interest is to have their mobile games draw attention to their core franchise titles. For instance, they’ve already reported that Animal Cross: Pocket Camp has helped increase the sales of other Animal Crossing games for 3DS and consoles.

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That makes sense, but you do have to believe that Pokemon GO may have created some unrealistic expectations regarding how much revenue Nintendo-based mobile titles can generate over a long enough period of time. You may recall that GO brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in a relatively short amount of time. Subsequent Nintendo apps have been popular, but not quite as popular as that title was at its peak.

There’s also some debate regarding whether or not Nintendo will encourage the development of new games exclusively for mobile devices that aren’t directly associated with their existing properties.