Nintendo Further Delays Animal Crossing’s Mobile Adaptation

It is currently expected to release sometime within the next financial year.

Nintendo has confirmed that their mobile adaptation of Animal Crossing is being delayed yet again. 

The studio had previously announced that their Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games were being delayed until 2017, but now it appears that Animal Crossing may be delayed for even longer than that. They’re currently stating that the game will be released sometime in the next financial year which would place its release date between April 2017 and March 2018. 

The original reason behind Nintendo’s decision to delay Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing‘s mobile adaptations was so that they could focus on the promotion and development of Super Mario Run. Nintendo is citing a similar reason now as they have stated in a financial report that the game is being delayed in order “to accommodate the releases and operation of these applications.”

It appears, then, that they may be trying to focus on the development of the title a bit longer as well as ensure that its release does not conflict with the February 2nd release date of Fire Emblem Heroes

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Details regarding the company’s mobile adaptation of Animal Crossing remain sparse, but the studio has previously suggested that the game will tie into existing versions of Animal Crossing somehow. This likely means that it will either serve as a companion piece to the existing Animal Crossing titles or will otherwise allow players to transfer certain information between the various versions.