Nintendo Direct February 2019 Live Stream

Today's Nintendo Direct will feature 35 minutes of news announcements. Watch all of the reveals here!

Nintendo has announced the date and time for the next Nintendo Direct presentation. On Feb. 13 at 5 pm ET, Nintendo will host its first major news broadcast of 2019 aimed at revealing the company’s upcoming slate of games. This presentation will last about 35 minutes and will focus on Nintendo Switch and 3DS games.

To make sure you catch all the news from Nintendo, be sure to tune into the Nintendo Direct live stream below:

As far as what might be announced during the broadcast, we know for sure that we’ll get some more details regarding Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the first Switch release in the RPG series:

There have also been rumblings of a few secret projects Nintendo has been working on for 2019. The company confirmed earlier this month that it hasn’t yet revealed its full slate of titles for the year. This means that we might get more details on the Pokemon RPG in development for the Switch, which is slated to release this year. We might also hear more about those classic Final Fantasy ports coming to the home console-handheld hybrid. Nintendo will almost certainly have a few words to say about Yoshi’s Crafted World, which is due out in March, as well as Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

The elephant in the room will undoubtedly be Metroid Prime 4, the most high-profile Nintendo project currently in development. Since the project was recently rebooted with Retro Studios back at the helm of the series, Nintendo might take a minute or two to tease the game’s new direction. That said, odds are that we won’t hear anything at all about this highly-anticipated sequel. 

In terms of surprises, anything from Pikmin 4 and a new Zelda game to a Metroid Prime Trilogy port for Switch is fair game. Expect at least one shocker during the presentation. One thing you probably shouldn’t cross your fingers for is the rumored Switch 2.0, which Nintendo shot down just a few weeks ago. 

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More on Nintendo as we learn it!

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