Nintendo Confirms Development of Core Pokemon RPG for Switch

The Pokemon game that many swore Nintendo would never make is reportedly in development.

As if Nintendo didn’t give enough young viewers their first stroke by announcing the two-front return of Metroid, they also had to go and confirm that a core Pokemon experience will be released for the Nintendo Switch.

While the mention of said project didn’t include anything more than a reference to its eventual existence, the news still managed to capture the attention of millions of Pokemon fans who have been begging for such a title ever since the N64. 

So what does Nintendo mean by “core Pokemon RPG?” Well, that’s a question that requires a bit of speculation. We can safely assume that they mean the kind of Pokemon game typically reserved for mobile platforms which, in turn, means the kind of Pokemon game where you select a starter Pokemon, venture into the world, challenge gym trainers, and catch them all. 

Until now, nearly every Pokemon title released for a console has been some kind of spin-off of the Pokemon series. The most infamous example would certainly be the Pokemon Stadium series which focused on Pokemon battles and removed many RPG aspects, but there have been many, many Pokemon spin-offs of varying quality that have led some to believe that Nintendo will simply never release a “real” Pokemon game on a console. 

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While recent 3DS titles have transformed the Pokemon series into a much more robust overall gameplay experience, many still eagerly await a console version of the game that will finally allow us to experience a mainline Pokemon title devoid of technological compromises. The success of several fan projects over the years that have attempted to make that gimmick a reality certainly contribute to the theory that a console Pokemon game may be the definitive Pokemon experience.

Of course, it will also be interesting to see whether this move is phase one of Nintendo’s eventual plan to make the Switch their primary platform across home consoles and handhelds. While Nintendo has not revealed their intent to focus solely on the Switch, some wonder if they will eventually drop their separate handheld gaming line.

We don’t expect to see more from this Pokemon title until 2018, but we will keep you updated if more information becomes available. 

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