New Stealth Game Lets You Play as an Obnoxious Goose

It's Metal Gear with feathers: Untitled Goose Game puts you in control of a mischievous waterfowl...

Imagine the classic Metal Gear Solid, but set in a leafy British garden rather than a military installation. Now imagine that you’re controlling a mischievous goose rather than a battle-hardened soldier. Then consider a scenario where said goose has to torment an unsuspecting and entirely undeserving groundskeeper.

Does that sound like a reasonable scenario to you? Then we suggest you have a cup of tea and a lie down. In fairness, indie developer House House has taken this unlikely tableau and turned it into one of the greatest game trailers we’ve ever seen. 

In Untitled Goose Game, you’re assigned a list of challenges, some obvious sounding (use stealth to sneak into the groundskeeper’s garden), others more tricky (make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat). That the goose lacks arms makes some of these tasks particularly tough, so a smattering of cunning and problem-solving is required at times.

Although the game’s in its pre-alpha phase, it already looks pretty spectacular to us – in that quirky, quintessentially British way that recalls such vintage 8-bit titles as Hover Bovver, Jack the Nipper, or Skool Daze

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Loosely scheduled for 2018, Untitled Goose Game also has a simple yet entirely wonderful trailer. Check out the obnoxious goose action on display below…

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