New Evolve Modes & Story Trailer Revealed

The newest Evolve trailer sets the events of the game in motion. A planet has been overrun by monsters and you need to hunt them down!

Evolve modes

We love what we’ve seen of Evolve so far, and things seem to be getting more interesting, as we get a bit closer to the game’s release in February. Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games have introduced a brand new mode for the title called “Evacuation,” which, while not a traditional form of campaign, does provide the story mode we’ve been waiting for. Why are the Hunters chasing down these monsters in the first place?

Find out in this trailer:

The official Evolve site has a couple of new details on Evacuation. The planet Shear has been overrun by monsters and a group of four hunters have five days to chase them all down. The five days are broken up into five rounds, each taking place on a randomly chosen map. 

Each round will focus on a different multiplayer mode of the game. While the first round will always be Hunt, the modes for the next four rounds will also be chosen randomly. Those other modes include Nest, Rescue, and Defend. 

Here is a tutorial for Evacuation:

We also have tutorials for all of these other modes! See below…

Nest mode has the Monster player protecting its brood, randomly scattered all over the map, while the Hunters are out to scramble some alien eggs. If the Monster is able to get to the eggs, it has the option to hatch one of them into a minion – a stage 1 Goliath that runs around, aggro-ing Hunters. Hunters win by destroying all the eggs and the minion, or killing the Monster.

Rescue mode involves injured colonists trying to escape the Monsters are placed randomly on the map. Hunters need to locate, revive and protect them as they make their escape. Monsters need to munch on as many of these colonists as possible and keep them from getting away. Whoever saves – or kills – the majority of the colonists, wins.

Finally, Defend is the last stand. Winner takes all. If you’re playing from the Hunter perspective, you’re desperately defending the Evacuation point while the ship is fueling up to escape. As a Monster, you’re leading hordes of Goliath minions as you attack the Evacuation point in waves. Will the Monsters break through and destroy everything? Or will the colonists get away in time?

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Turtle Rock promises over “800,000 variables” to each Evacuation playthrough. 

You can try Evacuation exclusively on the Xbox One when the open beta drops in January. Evolve will have its full release on Feb. 10.

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