New Documentary Looks to Capture the Culture of GoldenEye 64

A group of filmmakers want to tell the world why GoldenEye 64 matters.

For millions of gamers, GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is a cultural touchstone. While GoldenEye is not technically considered to be a party game, you’d have a hard time selling that to the many who gathered in the late ’90s to partake in the mythical multiplayer event known simply as GoldenEye parties. 

If you missed out on this special era in gaming history, an upcoming documentary about the GoldenEye phenomenon may just be your best bet at understanding why this game was so very special. 

A group of Australian filmmakers has taken to Indiegogo to seek funding for GoldenEra: a documentary about the development of GoldenEye and the phenomenon that it caused. 

The makers of this documentary explain via the project’s Indiegogo page that they intend to cover the development of GoldenEye (including how the multiplayer mode was conceived and the process of orchestrating the game’s incredible soundtrack) as well as the communities that were formed as a result of GoldenEye‘s success. Everyone from ex-Rare employees to industry insiders and fans will be interviewed as part of the team’s attempt to bottle the GoldenEye craze. 

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Apparently, the filmmakers behind this project have already done a fair amount of the legwork in terms of interviews and are taking to crowdfunding in order to help with the documentary’s production expenses. At present, they are seeking $85,000 to complete the production of this documentary. 

There are a variety of stretch goals and rewards attached to the campaign – including a couple of rather nice t-shirts – but the real draw here is certainly the movie itself. Generally speaking, there are not enough truly well-made documentaries about video games out there and there certainly aren’t any that attempt to convey the full impact of a game like GoldenEye

Because of that, we wish the GoldenEra team the best of luck in completing their ambitious project. 

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