New Castlevania Game Coming from Konami

Castlevania goes mobile with this new co-op action title featuring legendary franchise characters.

Castlevania returns as a mobile game called Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. The game takes place at a time when Dracula is considered to be dead and buried. However, secret agent Genya Arikado receives a letter that informs him that Dracula will soon be resurrected. Now, it’s up to Genya Arikado and his partner, Lucy, to stop Dracula from doing whatever we assume it is Dracula would do if he wasn’t killed every single time that he is resurrected in these games. 

The very good news is that this does appear to be a Castlevania action game and not a Castlevania visual novel or a Castlevania match-3 puzzler. Details are few and far between at the moment, but it seems that the game emphasizes the value of putting characters into pairs. The idea is that these pairs will complement each other somehow. For instance, Lucy is a proficient magic user while Arikado is more of a melee fighter. Up to four players can actually play together, and there’s even a four-player competitive mode.

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Rounding out the cast of – possibly playable – characters are Castlevania mainstays like Alucard, Simon, Charlotte, Shanoa, and Maria. The extent of their involvement in the game isn’t clear at this time, but it’s likely that some of them will factor into the story while others will be there as side characters.

Equally mysterious is the game’s release date and available regions. At the moment, it seems like the plan is to start inviting people to the game’s closed beta sometime around May. While it seems that the initial round of invitees will likely be Japanese gamers, the language of some of the game’s initial details suggests that the full release might actually be global. Unfortunately, it does look like the game will only be available on iOS when it is released.

While this could have been much, much worse, it’s another reminder that Konami really doesn’t seem to be interested in releasing a significant new Castlevania title for consoles. Maybe if this one does well…oh, who are we kidding, we’ll just get more mobile games. 

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