Mortal Kombat X to Feature Spawn & Predator?

Could Mortal Kombat X feature Spawn, Predator, and Al Dillon as special guest characters?

Here’s a bit of interesting news: Todd McFarlane, Image Comics founder and renowned artist, has confirmed to that he cut a new deal with Warner Bros. that allows the company to use Spawn, the artist’s brainchild, in its video games. Could that mean that Spawn is coming to Mortal Kombat X specifically?

“We actually have this short deal with them, so they may put him in there,” says McFarlane, who also adds, “I don’t know if they’re ever gonna use it. They just might squat on it.” 

So the answer is maybe. If you want to watch the entire interview, here’s the video:

Oh, but there’s more:

According to Videogamer, and please consider this a rumor until we receive some kind of confirmation or comment, a DLC pack for the tenth Mortal Kombat will include the Predator, along with CIA agent, Colonel Al Dillon, played by Carl Weathers in the first film. Weathers has, apparently, given permission for the use of his likeness. The DLC is allegedly due out in June, two months after the game’s April 14 release date. 

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We have reached out to both NetherRealm Studios and WB Interactive for comment, but they have not responded. If they do, we will make sure to update this article. 

The tricky part here is that the Predator property belongs to 20th Century Fox. Warner Bros. would also have to cut a deal with that studio to use the hunter and Weathers in Mortal Kombat X

Interestingly enough, Ed Boon re-tweeted an image last year of the Predator and Scorpion about to go at it, and with Freddy showing up in the last game, it’s not a stretch to see the intergalactic hunter showing up in Mortal Kombat. Of course, a randon Tweet means absolutely nothing…

The Mortal Kombat series already has a very reputable roster of deadly warriors, with the likes of Scorpion, Raiden, Sub Zero, and Kano, and it’s already welcomed special crossover fighters, including God Of War‘s Kratos, and the dream demon himself, Freddy Krueger. 

We will update this article as we learn more. Stay tuned for Mortal Kombat X news. 

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