Mortal Kombat X Kombat Kast 7: Meet Erron Black

New footage shows off Liu Kang, Shinnok, and Erron Black, a cowboy who has a bullet with your name on it. Literally!

NetherRealm Studios has been doing their Kombat Kast more rapidly than ever as we get closer and closer to the release of Mortal Kombat X. What was once every month or so has become a weekly endeavor and this week’s is a doozy. We get to see the likes of three characters who have been under wraps as well as practice mode. Dan “Toast!” Forden also makes an appearance to say his legendary catchphrase.

You can watch the replay right here.

Watch live video from NetherRealm on Twitch

The hour-long exhibition has a lot going on, but the first actual footage of Erron Black is easily the highlight. Ever since appearing wordlessly in the background of the Mortal Kombat X comic months ago, Erron Black has been on the minds of many Mortal Kombat fans who had their fingers crossed in hopes that he wasn’t just some red shirt design meant to be killed off. Well, he’s a legit character and he is amazing.

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Black’s overall fighting style is based on him utilizing Wild West revolvers and sand grenades. Black’s variations include Marksman, Outlaw, and Gunslinger. Marksman allows him to wield a rifle, which can be swung around like a bat and also used for a special attack where he fires three bullets while stepping back and making distance. Outlaw has him wield a Tarkatan (Baraka dude)’s skeleton arm fashioned into a sword. One of the attacks has him impale the opponent and shatter the arm, which prevents him from using the weapon for a moment, but also slowly trains his opponent’s health. Then Gunslinger is based on him having more revolver-based attacks, including one where he throws a coin into the air, shoots the coin, and ricochets it down into his enemy.

Oh, and his X-Ray attack has him shoot a bullet at his opponent that literally has their name on it. Awesome.

Liu Kang returns from the dead with Dragon Fire, which is closer to his classic self, but allows him to increase fireball attacks, like charging them or letting loose with an extra-enhanced version that costs two special bars. Flame Fist gives him more punch-based attacks and allows him to summon fire around his fists for added damage and can also pull off parries. Then Dualism lets Liu switch between light style and dark style. Light makes his fireballs go faster, but dark makes them into slow-moving bombs. He can also do a taunt that increases his health.

Finally, there’s Shinnok. He does Imposter, Bone Shaper, and Necromancer. As Imposter, he’s capable of doing a move that absorbs the powers of his opponent, allowing him to do one of their moves. For instance, he can freeze Sub-Zero’s ice ball. No word on what happens when he uses it on himself. Bone Shaper has him summon long-ranged weapons made out of bones. With Necromancer, he can summon giant skeleton arms out of nowhere as attacks, much like how he played in Mortal Kombat 4.

Also shown off is the practice mode, which is incredibly extensive. You can even change the background around so that it shows holographic versions of interactive milling about. You can pre-program your opponent to go for a specific combo or attack so that you can practice how to defend against it. Really cool stuff.

In other news, if you get a WB Play account, on day one, you can download an exclusive Tron-like Raiden skin.

The next Kombat Kast will be next Thursday, where they’ll show off the upcoming mobile version of the game. Otherwise, the only non-DLC characters left to show off are Jacqui, Sonya, Jax, and Goro.

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