Mortal Kombat X: Kitana & Reptile Concept Art Revealed, Jade Will Not Appear

NetherRealm's third big presentation featured more Reptile and Kitana. We also learned Jade will not be in Mortal Kombat X.

We’re only two months away from the release of Mortal Kombat X and the folks at NetherRealm Studios just handed us another presentation via their Kombat Kast. In this third installment, they focused it on the ins and outs of Kitana and Reptile – two recently-announced characters – as well as showed us some neat concept art. Sadly, they teased us by including Goro on the player select screen, yet never, ever playing as him. Killjoys.

You can watch the hour-long thing here.

Here are some of the things they touched on:

Reptile has all of his classic moves back, but is also capable of controlling the speed of his force ball, including at times causing it to stop in mid-air. During the design process, they thought about giving him a tail, but that would have affected his gameplay too much and they decided against it. Because of how versatile he is with his many moves, his variations are very basic in design. With Deceptive, he can turn himself invisible, though I’m not all that sure how that gives the player the advantage when he can’t see the character either. Noxious causes Reptile to constantly secrete poisonous gas, which will slowly drain his opponent’s health bar if they’re standing too close. He can also make the cloud bigger. Finally, there’s Nimble, which gives him added agility and enhances his abilities to do combos.

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Reptile’s alternate outfit is more ninja-like and looks like how he dresses in the Mortal Kombat X comic. His pre-fight dialogue with Kotal Kahn shows that he is loyal to the new ruler of Outworld. He also talks up how great Kotal is when facing Kitana.

Kitana also brings back her classic attacks, though her fan-lift is more tornado-like than a bunch of waves in the air. Her Royal Storm variation gives her a long-range fan-lift attack that works as a projectile, much like Storm’s tornado in the Marvel vs. Capcom games. She can also do a spinning projectile deflect and mid-air dashing. The Assassin variation – where she has a mask and black war paint – gives her parry moves and a dashing attack where she stabs the opponent in the face. Most important is the ability to sharpen her fans via taunt, which not only increases the damage of fan-based attacks, but lets her do an EX version of her face-stabbing dash without using meter. Lastly, and most interesting of all, is her final variation, Mournful. In the game, Jade is still dead and Kitana has taken to her style. Under Mournful, Kitana can use Jade’s trademark attacks, like her boomerang blade and staff throw.

Also cool is how when Kitana deals with Ermac, Ermac briefly acts like he remembers her. Ermac has the soul of both Kitana’s father Jerrod and presumably Shao Kahn, so that’s a nice touch.

They showed off a new level called the Hellscape, which looks beautiful. Huge depth in the background and lots of bodies to use as weapons.

No new character reveals (just that Jade will NOT be in the game), but they did hint that the next Kombat Kast will show off the return of Brutalities.

In other news, it looks like we’re dangerously close to finding out about who the console-exclusive guest characters will be. Back when Mortal Kombat 9 was coming out, we found out that Kratos was going to be in the game four months in advance. The clock is ticking and series co-creator Ed Boon just dropped a bomb on Twitter. Along with a picture of a bag of Oreos, he said, “These are really satisfying my SWEET TOOTH. #TooVague?”

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Oh man, I hope he’s not playing. Especially because Needles “Sweet Tooth” Kane is #1 in Den of Geek’s list of possible guest characters we’d like to see in this game. The Twisted Metal mascot is too perfect not to be in the game.

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Gavin Jasper is also excited for the return of Sweet Tooth’s sexy, sexy voice. Follow Gavin on Twitter!