Mortal Kombat 11: Developers Alter Difficulty Amidst Microtransaction Concerns

Mortal Kombat's difficulty level has been lowered due partially to concerns over microtransactions.

Mortal Kombat 11 difficulty changes

NetherRealm Studios has issued a statement on Reddit in which they reveal some changes to Mortal Kombat 11 designed to address difficulty concerns and also touch upon the game’s controversial microtransaction system. 

“At launch, the difficulty in the Towers of Time was too high, and people felt it was unfair. And unfortunately, that made the process of earning rewards through the Krypt seem punishingly slow,” reads the statement. “The difficulty of the AI and the aggressiveness of the modifiers in Towers of Time was tuned too high. We’re aware of it and we’ve already taken steps to fix that. Through a server update, we’ve reduced AI maximum health and adjusted the frequency and cooldowns of many modifiers. In addition we’ve made many unblockable modifiers blockable.”

Many people felt that the game’s Towers of Time mode was designed to be incredibly difficult in order to encourage players to purchase more in-game items. NetherRealm says that isn’t true, but we do have to say that it’s a bit odd that they would release the game with the difficulty switch apparently cranked too high. That feels like something that someone would have noticed. 

Speaking of microtransactions, NetherRealm took the time to remind people that none of the game’s currencies can be purchased using real money and that you can only purchase cosmetics and Time Krystals in the store. However, they do acknowledge that some players felt that the rewards earned through the game’s Krypt system feel random and chaotic. They counter these claims by noting that each of the game’s 600 chests is designed to contain specific items. The only thing that is random is which chest is discovered by each player at a given time. 

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Regardless, the team is giving each player a bundle of Kurrency in order to ensure that they “have the experience we always intended” and that each player can enjoy the game a little more while they “re-balance the system to bring it in line with our vision.”

The good news is that most other aspects of Mortal Kombat 11 are quite good. It’s a fun game that utilizes some of the better ideas found in Injustice 2 and stays true to the series complicated (but fascinating) timeline

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