Monster Hunter: World Mod Adds Massive Alien Xenomorph Queen

An ingenious mod has brought the Alien universe into Monster Hunter: World. Check out the video here...

Monster Hunter: Alien Queen

Ah, here we go. You’ve got to love a good bit of modding, especially when it results in fandoms and franchises being mashed together in fresh and exciting ways. We’ve been spoiled in this regard of late, with classic Nintendo levels added to Super Mario Odyssey by one modder and a Cthulhu quest added to Skyrim by another. And now, a mod has emerged that will please moviegoers and gamers alike.

A PC-based modder by the moniker of UberGrainy has added the Xenomorph Queen (which debuted in the Alien film franchise with James Cameron’s Aliens) into Capcom’s action RPG title Monster Hunter: World. The mod was made by cosmetically swapping out the model for the final boss, the Elder Dragon Xeno’jiiva, with a newly made Alien Queen model.

The result, which kicks in around the 50-second mark in the video below, is as visually stunning as it is terror-inducing…

How’s that for a brilliant mash-up? The sight of a giant Xenomorph being bashed to bits by a sword-wielding hero has left us fantasizing about a period piece prequel film for the Alien franchise, or a fully licensed RPG game that pits players against enormous renditions of iconic movie monsters. We’d pay good money for that.

While we wait for neither of those things to happen, you can find details of how to install this mod over on UberGrainy’s Nexus Mods account. And don’t worry, we’ll keep bringing you epic mods as we see them. 

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In the meantime, for those of you hoping to once again do battle with a xenomorph, there’s a new Alien game in the works over at FoxNext. Alien: Blackout, a new mobile game, sees the return of Amanda Ripley, daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley, as she faces down a new xenomorph on your smartphone screen. It’s not Alien: Isolation 2 but it’s definitely something.