Monster Hunter World Is the Best Selling Capcom Game Ever

This just means that not enough of you played Darkwing Duck.

Monster Hunter World is officially Capcom’s best-selling game ever. 

Capcom has recently announced that they’ve shipped a record-breaking 7.5 million copies of Monster Hunter World. Despite using the word “shipped,” that number seems to indicate both units shipped to retailers and digital copies of the game sold. To really appreciate that number, though, you have to remember that Monster Hunter World only came out about five weeks ago and that the game’s PC version has yet to be released. Indeed, Capcom has already stated that World is also their fastest selling game of all-time. 

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So what was the best-selling Capcom game before Monster Hunter World took the crown? Well, according to this list from Capcom’s website, it was Resident Evil 5. However, you could make the argument that the various versions and ports of Street Fighter II have probably outsold every other game in Capcom’s library. There’s also the fact that there’s no good way to really translate arcade cabinet sales into modern sales figures. A single arcade unit could have been played by hundreds of different people. 

Still, this is a significant achievement for Monster Hunter World. At the very least, it has outsold entries into such popular franchises as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, and Dead Rising.

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Monster Hunter World‘s success may come as a surprise, but recent sales figures suggest that it probably shouldn’t. Monster Hunter has always sold incredibly well…in Japan. With World, Capcom made a concentrated effort to promote the game more in Western markets. It appears that their efforts paid off, and the increased interest in those regions likely pushed the game over-the-top in terms of sales. 

We certainly found Monster Hunter World to be a great game and a fantastic series entry for franchise veterans and those who have never played a Monster Hunter title before.