Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Release Date Announced

The upcoming release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will mark the series' Switch debut in the West.

Monster Hunter is finally coming to Nintendo Switches in the West as Capcom has announced an August 28 release date for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

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If you’re not familiar with the lineage of Monster Hunter titles, then we apologize in advance for the explanation that we’re about to put you through. First off, this is not a version of Monster Hunter: World for Nintendo Switch. Instead, it’s a port/localization of Monster Hunter XX which was released for Switch in Japan last year. Monster Hunter XX is actually just the expanded console version of the 3DS title, Monster Hunter X (which is known as Monster Hunter Generations in the West). What that all means is that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is basically a spruced up version of a Monster Hunter 3DS title. 

That’s ok, though, because the game itself has been changed enough from the original version that even those who played in on the 3DS will probably come to see it as an entirely new game. The visuals are much-improved (naturally), there’s a new level of challenges that increase the overall difficulty of the game, there’s new gear, new monsters, and enough overall new content to more than justify another trip through the game’s world. 

Those who never played through the original 3DS version of this title will be happy to know that Monster Hunter X was an overall exceptional Monster Hunter game that embodies the aspects that make this franchise such a global hit. However, those have only played Monster Hunter World should be cautioned that this is likely going to be a far more “traditional” Monster Hunter game. That means that it may not be quite as welcoming to new players as World was. Capcom might make some alterations to the Western version that will make this Switch port more accessible, but the base game is certainly easier to recommend to franchise fans than newcomers. 

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Regardless, it’s just nice to know that Capcom has Western Switch owners in mind when it comes to past and future Monster Hunter games. It’s really no surprise that Capcom is looking to expand the reach of the Monster Hunter franchise, though, considering that Monster Hunter World became their best-selling game ever. It feels like it’s only a matter of time until Switch owners in the West get a more modern Monster Hunter game – or even one made specifically for the Switch – to call their own. 

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Until then, we eagerly await the release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Switch.