Missouri Might Tax Violent Video Games

Missouri lawmaker is calling for a sales tax on violent video games...

A majorly controversial bill has been proposed from the Republican party in Missouri calling for a sales tax on violent video games.  Yesterday, Rep. Diane Franklin said that the 1 percent sales tax would be put towards financing law enforcement measures to reduce mass shootings and finance mental health programs.

The extra 1% tax would be charged on all video games rated teen, mature, and adult by the ESRB.  That’s an average 59 cents per violent video game you buy.

There has been similar legislation to tax violent video games in the past in Oklahoma and New Mexico, so we can bet that this one won’t pass.  And here is probably why.

For one, not all TEEN rated games are violent.  For example, Tony Hawk’s Pro-skater usually has Teen rated games, but there are no guns or no animated violence to speak of.  How would the bill handle this issue?

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Secondly, where would these new taxes end?  What next? Violent movies? All Rated PG-13 and above movies get an extra tax?  This is ridiculous, and it would only escalate from there.

What are your thoughts on the proposed bill to tax violent video games?

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