Microsoft offers MS points for pre-orders of GTA V

Xbox GTA fans can get 1600 points for free by pre-ordering GTA V via Microsoft...

Now, we can’t imagine any GTA fan needing any extra incentive to pre-order Grand Theft Auto 5, and sales of the upcoming Rockstar title are pretty much guaranteed. However, Microsoft wants to make sure that most people purchase the game for its platform.

Now listed on the Microsoft Store, the pre-order for GTA V includes a bonus gift of 1600 switch (valid until 12/31/2013, or whilst stocks last).

Now, that’s a good deal of free MS switch, and is enough to buy another full XBLA game should you so wish, making it a very tempting offer, even for people considering it on PS3, and a no-brainer for Xbox-only owners.

If you want to beat the crowd, click the link below and grab the next GTA and a handful of MS switch to trunk.

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Microsoft Store

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