Microsoft at E3 2014: Watch Here With Live Analysis

Microsoft seeks to impress at E3 this year. Let's hope for some awesome new exclusives!

Happy E3 2014, everyone! We’re going to be live blogging ALL of the conferences and adding in our thoughts as they’re announced. You can watch the press conferences via the Twitch stream below! We will be responding to Microsoft’s announcements, and we’ll also be providing analysis during/post show.

We’ll likely see at least a teaser and logo for the upcoming Gears of War,probably more information about Halo 5: Guardians,and more information on Sunset Overdrive.

What are you most looking forward to seeing from Microsoft? Sound off below in the comments!

– Phil Spencer starts out by thanking the fans for their feedback which helped shape what the Xbox One has become today. He then makes it clear that Microsoft will continue to listen to what the gamers want: “We’re dedicating our entire briefing to games.”

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– The briefing will first focus on the games that are coming to Xbox consoles in 2014, beyond moving on to the new game announcements.

– Microsoft opens their show with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One. It is also announced that all of the add-on content for the game will be a timed Microsoft exclusive. 

– We then launch right into some lengthy gameplay footage of Advanced Warfare in action. Needless to say, the game is already looking pretty intense and explosive. Afterwards, Microsoft treats us to an intense and Kevin Spacey-included trailer, with the game’s release date taped on at the end: November 4, 2014.

Forza Motorsport 5’s long-awaited Nurburgring will be available for free starting today.

– In keeping with the Forza theme, Microsoft moves on to Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One, which has a release date of September 30, 2014.

– Next up is another look at one of the games I’m most excited for this year: Evolve. The upcoming 4-v-1 game will have a beta period and DLC that is exclusive first to Xbox One.

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– Microsoft and Ubisoft then team up for a world premiere gameplay demo of the current-gen exclusive, Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Unity will allow you to form your own brotherhood with up to three other players online. Taking place at the onset of the French Revolution, the Unity gameplay looks wonderfully chaotic, as players move through the uproarious streets and sneak their way into a stunning palace that’s crawling with guards. The live co-op brotherhood component is demonstrated in this mission as well, as a team of assassins infiltrate the palace. As a long-time AC fan, it looks unbelievably good.

– Continuing to fly through game after game as promised, Microsoft shows an epic gameplay and cinematic trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is coming out on October 7, 2014.

– Next we have an extended look at the Xbox exclusive Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games, which easily has the most personality and self-awareness of any current-gen game we’ve seen so far. It definitely gives off the feel of an Insomniac game for a more mature audience. Ted Price of Insomniac Games then comes on stage to guide us through a long-awaited gameplay demo.

Sunset Overdrive will also have 8-player multiplayer mode called “Chaos Squad.”

Sunset Overdrive will be available exclusively for Xbox One on October 28, 2014.

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3… (the hysterically exaggerated title is too long to type in time) is a new 4-player co-op DLC featuring old Dead Rising heroes like Frank West and Chuck Green, complete with all of the Capcom nostalgia you can ever want. Available today!

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Dance Central Spotlight available as an exclusive Xbox One downloadable title this September.

Fable Legends gameplay demo showcases a unique new multiplayer gameplay experience: for the first time, players can take control of the villain from a top-down perspective, orchestrating the world around you and targeting other players with devious traps or baddies. The game’s multiplayer beta will begin this fall.

– Next we have a new look at an Xbox and PC-exclusive game that was announced at last year’s E3: Project Spark. They ended the demo with perhaps the meanest tease I’ve ever seen: Rare’s own Conker from Conker’s Bad Fur Day showed up with a chainsaw and cut through the Project Spark logo. Sadly, it seems like he will only be available for player creation in Project Spark, and we don’t have a new Conker game on the way. At least not yet…

Ori and the Blind Forest is announced: a mysterious and ethereal sidescroller that has a similar atmosphere to Child of Light.

– Moving back to the big guns, Microsoft gives us a cinematic trailer for Halo 5: Guardians. The game will be about Master Chief’s “journey, his past and his future.” Leading up to the game’s release next year, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is formally announced for release on November 11, 2014. It includes remastered versions of the first four main entry Halo games.

Halo 2 is also getting the full anniversary treatment in celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary. The game will contain the original Halo 2 multiplayer exactly as it appeared ten years ago. A few select special maps like “Ascension” have been recreated for the new edition. In the single-player campaign, you can switch between new and classic views.

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– The collection will feature over 100 multiplayer maps, a 4,000 Gamerscore, and Halo Nightfall, the digital series that will lead up to the story in Halo 5: Guardians.

– The Halo 5: Guardians beta will be available this December on Xbox One.

– Phil Spencer then returns to the stage, wearing a conspicuous Limbo t-shirt. Could this mean what I think it means? It’s time for the new games now…

– Yup! It’s the official reveal of Playdead’s second title Inside, which will debut first on Xbox in early 2015. The gameplay seems very similar to Limbo, albeit with a vastly more in depth visual style which features colors, and different viewpoints and perspectives. Don’t worry though: that same ominous feeling runs rampant throughout the entire trailer, and I can’t wait to find out more about the story of Inside.

– This forms as a nice transition into a segment on the indie games that will be coming to Xbox in the future, courtesy of a new Xbox ID that is geared towards these smaller developers. Of the hundreds of indie games planned for release on Xbox One, here are some of the few that are showcased: Knight Squad, Plague Inc. Evolved, White Night, EarthlockCupheadDrifterLifeless PlanetSlash DashFruLovers in a Dangerous SpacetimeMighty No. 9, GraveThreesFenix RageWoolfeHellraidBelow, and more.

– Holy crap, it’s a new Tomb Raider! Officially called Rise of the Tomb Raider, the cinematic trailer looks INSANE, and even better than the first game if you can believe that. 

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– This is followed up by some shiny new gameplay footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is expected to launch in February 2015.

– Ken Lobb then comes on stage to talk about the revitalizing of old franchises in the vein of last year’s Killer Instinct. He then announces that they are planning to do it again, as we are treated to a new trailer for Phantom Dust exclusively on Xbox One.

– Next we finally get to see Microsoft revisit Tom Clancy’s The Division, an insanely cool looking title when it first premiered at E3 last year, but one that’s still shrouded in all kinds of mystery. As if there were any doubts, the new gameplay demo shows that the game still certainly has it.

The Division will be released in 2015, with new content exclusively released first on Xbox.

– Platinum Games then reveals their new original game Scalebound, an exclusive Xbox One released called , and which looks like an action-packed cross between Dark Souls and Devil May Cry.

Crackdown is officially back with the announcement of a current-gen version of Crackdown! The game aims to reimagining what you think about an open world experience, and the game’s signature art style is back and in full force.

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– After 90 minutes of non-stop games, Phil Spencer comes back on stage for a final time and reiterates that Microsoft will continue to listen to the voices of gamers in continuing to shape the future of Xbox.

– It looks like there’s no mention of Gears of War 4 or a reimaged Rare franchise this year, but Microsoft certainly put out one hell of a showing! This ends our live coverage of the event, but be sure to check back later when we post our official and in-depth analysis of Microsoft’s E3 2014 presentation.