Microsoft Approves Working Replica of Xbox “Duke” Controller

The controller big enough to terrorize Tokyo is making a comeback.

Manufacturer Hyperkin has revealed that Microsoft has given them their official blessing to recreate the original Xbox controller known as “The Duke.”

This news comes to us from Seamus Blackley; a former Xbox designer who has teamed with Hyperkin to create a replica of one of the most controversial controllers in gaming history. 

Blackley even shared an image of Hyperkin’s Duke redesign via his Twitter account:

— Seamus Blackley (@SeamusBlackley) September 20, 2017

In case you missed it, Hyperkin announced their intentions to develop a recreation of the Duke controller earlier this year via a somewhat cryptic video. 

This controller is billed as an exact replica of the original Xbox controller designed to be compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10. That means that it comes complete with original black and white button placement, a nine-foot-long cable, and the Duke’s monstrous proportions. 

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It’s hard to really appreciate the size of the Duke controller until you’ve held one for yourself. While many found the Duke to be unwieldy, the size of the controller has made it a cult favorite among large-handed gamers. Everyone else remembers it as a kind of joke that went too far.

Even though this replica is a mostly faithful recreation of the original Duke model, Hyperkin has made a few modifications to the original design in the name of functionality. The most notable upgrade includes an LCD screen that displays an animated Xbox logo in place of the original static logo.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know how much this controller will cost. However, it is expected to be released sometime later this year and should be available via Hyperkin’s website – and possibly other retailers – at that time. 

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